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Syria: Cuban Missile Crisis in Reverse? Washington Now Seen as Big, Bad Bully

Putin has just upped the ante in the war of words between the two nuclear superpowers over Syria. In a press conference after the G20 summit this weekend in Saint Petersburg, the Russian president warned that Russia would stand by Syria if the US decides to carry out its threat of air strikes against this Arab country.

“Using force against a sovereign state can only be done in self-defense, and Syria is not attacking the United States,” Putin said. “As one participant (in the G20 meeting) said yesterday, those who do something different are placing themselves outside the law.”

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In stating that, this former communist found himself paraphrasing and unlikely source, God. Or more specifically Prime Creator.  The third of the Ten Amendments for Ascension which the Prime Creator pronounced on Sep 2, states:

“3. Understand that self-defense is only that.  Initiating an attack on another, regardless of the professed excuse, is never acceptable to God.”

So not only would president Obama and his other American warmonger-cohorts be placing the US outside the recognized international law on this planet if they attacked Syria, they would also be defying the universal law of the Divine powers of the cosmos.

Only a madmen would risk that.  Yet there is no shortage of them in Washington even though in recent weeks, the Russian navy has  sent three warships to the eastern Mediterranean, near the Syrian coast, where it maintains a base at the port of Tartous. Russian reports suggest that a fourth vessel, carrying a “special cargo”, is now heading to the area.

“I’m not going to start the Third World War for you”

(British Gen. Jackson to Gen. Clark during Pristina International Airport incident)

Back in June 1999, at the end of Kosovo War, the American general who commanded the NATO forces, Wesley Clark, issued an order to the British troops to attack the Russian contingent who had already taken the Pristina airport.  The British commander refused.


“I’m not going to start the Third World War for you,”  General Mike Jackson reportedly told his superior officer (see Syria Has Been in Washington’s Crosshairs for Years).

In the end, common sense prevailed in Kosovo. The Russian and the NATO commanders found a way to defuse the spark that could have ignited World War III. Will the Washington bullies pull in their horns this time around on Syria?

This coming week will be crucial in answering that question. The Senate Committee’s recommendation in favor of air strikes on Syria co

mes up for a vote before both houses.  The British parliament has already voted against it, thus humiliating its prime minister Cameron.  After the G20 summit, only only the US, Turkey, Canada, Saudi Arabia and France are supporting the military action against Syria.

Germany is on the sidelines. China, India, Indonesia, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa and Italy were all “against military action,” Putin said. Even in countries where the government happened to support action, “the majority of the population is on our side,” the Russian president added (see LondonTelegraph story, Sep 6).

Syria: Cuban Missile Crisis in Reverse?

Indeed. If a US president ever let the American people have a say in the governments various foreign aggressions and escapades, chances are, Obama, McCain and other warmongers would be forced to eat crow, pull in their horns, and walk with his tail between their legs. Hopefully into oblivion. Just like the Soviets did in 1962 when an American president said “nyet” (see Cuban Missile Crisis).

Interesting, isn’t it, how things have flipped around in the last 50 years. Back then, the Soviet Union were seen globally as the big, bad bullies.  Now, the Washington mob has stepped into the Reds’ shoes, staining our national flag and honor with their neocolonial wars and crimes world over.

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No wonder antiwar demonstrators are pounding the pavement of the nation’s capital once again. Remember the anti-Vietnam war chant from the 1960s – “Hey, hey, LBJ, how many kids (did) you kill today?” The country’s poets are probably working on a new one now – one that rhymes with Obama. Here’s one that just came to me:

“Hey, hey, ‘Bama say,

how many did you kill today?”

American bullies2


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