“Hey, hey, Obama say, how many did you kill today?”

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John Denver resurrected, joins Peace Movement of 2013

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As I was finishing my last night’s post (Putin Ups the Ante…), I began hearing two interweaving melodies in my Third Ear. One was the 1960s Peace Movement jingle which I adapted to the 2013 situation and included in yesterday’s story. The second was John Denver’s 1971 hit “Country Roads Take Me Home.”

When I woke up this morning, the two were still playing. So I knew the Spirit wanted me to do something about it. My research led me to an antiwar protest in Washington, DC, at which Senator Mike Gravel of Alaska led the demonstrators using the exact same words that came to me last night (“Hey, hey, Obama say…”).

Talk about synchronicity! Another indication that all this was part of Divine guidance. So this short video is a result…

“Hey, hey, Obama say, how many did you kill today?”

By the way, all this brings back memories of another antiwar protest. Back in June 1999, a mass of about 30,000 people assembled at the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, DC, to protest the NATO bombing of Serbia. Yours truly was one of the speakers (see “Drop Clinton, Not Bombsdc6-5-4). From there, we marched on the Pentagon where even more people and speakers expressed their outrage against the war.


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One response to ““Hey, hey, Obama say, how many did you kill today?””

  1. Obinna Ogbonna Avatar
    Obinna Ogbonna

    I like your press. at least glad hearing something from the paid CNN and co.

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