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Forget  the “he said, she said” arguments you see in the establishment media about who used of chemical weapons in Syria. As we have shown you before, the Obama administration’s “evidence” is at the very least circumstantial, at most simply deceptive (see SYRIA: TRUTH IS THE FIRST CASUALTY OF WAR). The war on Syria is a part of a longterm plan conceived by the Bush administration in the weeks following the 9/11, argued Ret. Gen. Wesley Clark in a speech before the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco in Oct 2007.

I have taken the salient excerpts from that speech and put them together into this short 2.5-minute video, so you can hear this firsthand in the general’s own voice. That’s because what has been happening in the Middle East in the last 12 years at a cost of countless innocent lives has been a part of plan conceived by Washington madmen. And the madness is still going on… now personified by Obama and his warmongering advisors.

Syria has been in Washington cross hairs for 12 years (a video clip)

To summarize this video message:

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For a longer excerpt from that Wesley Clark speech, click here.


Now, I have to confess that it pains me to quote someone like Wesley Clark as source.  But since his is a firsthand account of the Pentagon strategy from way back, I have decided to share it with you.  For, it is very much relevant to what’s happening today in Syria and Washington.

I am leery of this man because I learned of Clark’s reputation as “powdered prince” from the time when I was a war correspondent in Bosnia in 1993-1994. Some of my sources were highly placed American military officers, such as the late Col. David Hackworth, a bestselling author and the most highly decorated American soldier in history (while he was still alive).  Others came from the high level Serbian and former Yugoslav military officials and politicians who had dealt with Clark during the course of the Bosnian war. Such as Gen. Ratko Mladic, who is currently being tried by the War Crimes Tribunal at the Hague.

Back in 1994, however, Mladic was the Supreme Commander of the Bosnian Serb Army. And they were winning the war. So General Wesley Clark came to meet with Mladic and try some sweet-talking and stalling while the US government tried to arm the Bosnian Muslims through the backchannels. They included Iranian and other Arab mercenaries. And yes, even Obama bin Laden visited Sarajevo in the middle of the war to give the Bosnian Muslims moral support.clark_mladic_1994 rsd-rm

In the left shot, you can see Clark and Mladic posing for cameras jovially. The two generals had even exchanged their military caps. In the right shot, you can see yours truly with Mladic in Bosnia, about a month before that Clark photo was taken.

What made me especially leery about Clark, however, was his duplicity. After pretending to be a Serbian friend, he ended up as Supreme Commander of the NATO forces when they attacked Serbia in March 1990. The object was to wrest the souther province Kosovo away from Serbia.  The Serbs regard Kosovo as the cradle of their civilization. For, that’s when they confronted the mighty Ottoman empire in 1389 in an epic battle in which 80,000 Serbian knights and soldiers perished.  During that brief but deadly war, fought almost exclusively from the air as far as NATO was concerned, American bombs killed hundreds of innocent civilians, destroying hospitals, schools, bridges, water and heating plants, in addition to military targets (for more on that, see my wartime reporting at the old Truth in Media web site – Kosovo War/”Peace”).

So if anybody should have been prosecuted for war crimes in this war of aggression, it should have been Gen. Clark, along with his political bosses – Bill Clinton, Al Gore, William Cohen, Madeleine Albright…

Alas, “might makes right”  the New World Order leaders believe. And so that’s water under the bridge now for them.  But here’s an episode from the end of the NATO war on Serbia which illustrates Clark’s poor judgment in addition to duplicity.

“I’m not going to start the Third World War for you” (British Gen. Jackson to Gen. Clark)

Pristina International Airport incident

One of Clark’s most debated decisions during his SACEUR command was his attempted operation to attack Russian troops at Pristina International Airport immediately after the end of the Kosovo War in June 1999.

A joint NATO–Russia peacekeeping operation was supposed to police Kosovo. Russia wanted their peacekeeping force to operate independent of NATO, but NATO refused. British forces were supposed to occupy Pristina International Airport, but a contingent of Russian troops arrived before they did and took control of the airport.

Clark called then-Secretary General of NATO Javier Solana, who told him “you have transfer of authority” in the area.


General Clark then issued an order for the NATO troops to attack and “overpower” the armed Russian troops, but Captain James Blount leading the British troops questioned this order and was supported in this decision by General Mike Jackson, the British commander of the Kosovo Force.

Jackson refused to sanction the attack, reportedly saying “I’m not going to start the Third World War for you.”

Jackson has said he refused to take action because he did not believe it was worth the risk of a military confrontation with the Russians, instead insisting that troops encircle the airfield.

After two days of standoff and negotiations, NATO agreed to an independent Russian peacekeeping force, and Russia relinquished control of the airport. The refusal was criticized by some senior U.S. military personnel, with American general Hugh Shelton calling Jackson’s refusal “troubling”.

During hearings in the United States Senate, Senator John Warner suggested that the refusal might have been illegal, and that if it was legal rules potentially should be changed. British Chief of the Defence Staff Charles Guthrie agreed with Jackson.







  1. Nikolas Avatar

    How could Osama end up in Sarajevo given that he he was declared dead in 1972 from kidney failure. All other statements are spot on Bob.Or maybe this was the start of American false information to be trotted out when the Yanks declared war on terrrorism whoever he is.

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