American bullies

Russian President Rejects Idea Syria Used Chemical Weapons, Warns Against US Military Action (Wall Street Journal, Aug 31, 2013)

It took British parliamentarians to knock some sense into the Washington warmongers. And it took the Russian president’s tough stand to send Obama back-pedaling from the sanctimonious perch from which the American president preached “attack” (Syria).

Speaking in Far East Russian city of Vladivostok, the usually reserved Putin, did not mince any words about what he thought of the US government’s planned militaryPutin Vladivostok action against Syria.  The Russian president called the idea that the Syrian regime would use chemical weapons “absolute nonsense,” and said “run-of-the-mill interceptions of some conversations that don’t prove anything” can’t justify military action against a sovereign state.

“To say that the Syrian government used chemical weapons when the Syrian army is on the offensive is absolute nonsense,” Putin said Saturday.

Putin’s comments came two days after the U.K. Parliament voted down a proposal by Prime Minister David Cameron to take military action in Syria in response to the Aug. 21 chemical-weapons attack, which the U.K. also believes was the work of Mr. Assad’s regime.

“The British Parliament’s decision on Syria was a complete surprise to me,” Mr. Putin said. “It shows that there are people there who are guided by common sense.”

Indeed. The British House of Commons’ “common sense” was also reinforced by Russia’s military action. The Russian president backed his measured words with a little saber-rattling of his own.  Check out this NBS story…

Russia is now sending warships to the Mediterranean

Another sign of it getting harder for the Obama White House

\As NBC’s Jim Miklaszewski reported on “TODAY,” Russia says its sending ships to the Mediterranean. NBC’s Albina Kovalyova in Moscow has more:big

“Interfax says that Russia will renew its Northern Fleet ships in the Mediterranean in the next few days. ‘The famous situation currently in the Eastern Mediterranean has called for separate correctives from us in terms of the components of the Naval Fleet groups. In the next few days it should be topped off with a large anti-submarine ship the Northern Fleet. Later, it will be supported by the Black Sea Fleet missile cruiser ‘Moskva.’ which is now completing the tasks in the North Atlantic and will soon begin transatlantic crossing in the direction of the Strait of Gibraltar.”

Never mind that Obama is going to be visiting Russia in a handful of days… (NBC News, Aug 29, 2013)

Net result? Good news. For mankind. The Washington bullies are pulling in the their horns. And Obama seems to be exercising this Labor Day weekend by back-pedaling. Check out this New York Times story just in…

Obama Now Backpedaling, Now Says He Will Seek Congress Vote on Syria

Says U.S. Should Strike, but Debate Is Crucial for America


Obama said that he had decided that the United States should take military action against Syria, but that he would wait for a debate and vote in Congress when both houses return in September.






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