No European country among the top 10 of foreign students at American colleges

We not only have tacitly sanctioned illegal immigration in this country, we have a legal infiltration of our society by foreigners who do not share our culture. This kind of “negative selection” of foreign students is no accident. The “liberalization” of our society is not just limited to the liberal lamestream media. It is also a drumbeat of our colleges which are clearly aiming to change the demographics of our higher education away from our traditional values.

And here’s proof of it…


The number of international students attending American universities has been rising steadily. Just under 975,000 international students were enrolled in U.S. universities last year and that number has now increased to 1,043,839.

China supplies the most international students to U.S. universities (328,547), followed by India (165,918)and Saudi Arabia (61,287).

Wait a minute, take a good long look at this chart. Canada, our next door neighbor and a country with which we share not just a common border but a common culture, has about 27,000 students and American universities.

Saudi Arabia, a country that is implicated in the most egregious attack on America on 9/11, and is more than 7,200 miles away from the American Heartland, has 2.3 times as many of its nationals as Canada attending American universities.

Shocked? I was. No wonder Obama also tried to prevent the Saudis from being sued for their role in the 9/11 murders.

On the other hand, it is not surprising that China and India, the #1 and #2 on the list, had even more foreign students in the U.S. Because these are also the world’s most populous countries. And their students have shown themselves to be very hard working and successful in their academic fields. And quite willing to adapt and blend into the American cultural milieu.


But the real shocker in these university statistics is that there are NO EUROPEAN COUNTRIES among the top 10. And Europeans have been the traditional source of American immigration for centuries.

In 2014, 1.3 million foreign-born individuals moved to the United States, an 11 percent increase from 1.2 million in 2013. India was the leading country of origin for new immigrants, with 147,500 arriving in 2014, followed by China with 131,800, Mexico with 130,000, Canada with 41,200, and the Philippines with 40,500.

Again, no European countries among them. A “coincidence” or deliberate policy? The latter, of course.


European immigrants numbered only 4.8 million in 2014, out of a total immigrant population of 42.4 million. The share of Europeans among the total U.S. foreign-born population plunged from 75 percent in 1960 to 11 percent in 2014, as immigration from Latin America and Asia surged to new prominence after the Immigration Act of 1965 abolished national-origin quotas that gave preference to European migration.



In my August 1997 Washington Times column titled “Dancing ‘Round the Golden Calf,” I touched on that issue as well:

“The U.S. Immigration Act of 1965, signed into law by the Democratic President, Lyndon B. Johnson, launched “a demographic event of seismic proportions,” says Peter Brimelow, a Forbes magazine editor, in his best-selling book, “Alien Nation.” Mr. Brimelow calls this process the “browning of America.”


Immigration from Europe, the traditional source of American immigrants who shared the cultural heritage with the original American settlers, was immediately choked off by this act. By late 1980s, immigration from Europe was dipping below 10 percent of total inflow.

Meanwhile, immigration from Third-World countries soared. As a result, the U.S. government now officially projects that the American whites will be on the verge of becoming a minority (53 percent) by year 2050, if the current trends continue.” (see

The preceding statistics provide indisputable proof that the half-century old New World Order project of “Browning of America,” carried out by the Democratic administration of LBJ,  has been a resounding success.  The European share of U.S. immigration has plunged from 75% to 11% during the last 55 years. And is continuing to shrink, both overall and in terms of foreign students at the American universities.

The 1965 Immigration Act, while pretending to espouse equality, was actually INHERENTLY racists: “The act also for the first time established a cap for immigrants from independent countries of the Western Hemisphere, with an annual limit of 120,000 visas.” In order to tip the scales, it started to DISCRIMINATE, as you see, against the, until then, favored immigrants. And this law is still on the books today. As you can see from the statistics in this article.

So not only is the European culture under attack on the Old Continent, as I have written in the 1990s, its projection in the once predominantly Christian country – United States – has also been rapidly eroded by similar designs of the New World Order “elite.”

The more than million of mostly Muslim migrants that flooded Europe in 2015 were just the latest of the six claws trying to tear the Old Continent’s Christian culture apart (see A Bear in Sheep’s Clothing (1998), and Europe: All Pain, No Gain (2014, 2016)).

Our new president-elect Donald Trump has spoken out against it during the campaign (see Christianity Under Siege). Now it remains to be seen if he will translate his words into action and start to return America back to its roots.


PS: Many countries around the world have HIGHLY RESTRICTIVE immigration laws. For a good reason – they want to protect their culture and the way of life.

Anyone who tried to immigrate into Israel if he/she were are not Jewish can attest to that? Or into Japan? Not to mention China…or Russia? We, Americans, have been brainwashed by the New World Order “elite” over the last half century into believing that it is somehow shameful or bad to be proud of our mostly European heritage. Instead, we are supposed to worship the Golden Calf…

To which I say, “Nuts!” – quoting the unforgettable General Anthony Clement “Nuts” McAuliffe during the siege of Bastogne in December 1944.


Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 10.11.28 AM

BRICST, anyone? Will Turkey be the next brick the BRICS countries add to their alliance?

That’s the question that is arising after this week’s rapprochement summit in Saint Petersburg between the leaders of Russia and Turkey.

“Erdogan’s highly successful meeting with Putin in St. Petersburg could be the beginning of Turkey leaving NATO to join the BRICS,” writes Sputnik, a Russian radio and multimedia news channel


A little over two years ago, the five BRICS countries held their summit in Brazil, right after the World Cup 2014.  At the time, they invited a number of Latin American leaders to join the conference. Some people, including the Truth in Media editor, speculated that Argentina may be next in line to join BRICS?

At the BRICS meeting, the member countries issued a challenged to the U.S. dominated financial system and the so-called New World Order. The following day, July 17, while the Russian president Vladimir Putin was flying home from the Brazil summit, they shot down a Malaysian airliner over Ukraine.

The BRICS-NWO war had just escalated from boardrooms to battlefields, we wrote in a subsequent editorial (see PARALLEL WARS: FROM BOARDROOM SMILES TO BATTLEFIELD TEARS – IN ONE DAY – “BRICS’ challenge to US financial imperialism issued on July 16; civilian airplane with 298 people aboard shot down on July 17” –

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 11.58.48 AM

A mass murder on that scale of magnitude sent a clear message to the European leaders who were at the time still balking about the imposition of sanctions on Russia. It also sent a message to the rest of the world that the New World Order criminals will not shrink from committing the most heinous crimes in order to hang on to power.Cristina_Fernandez_Comandante_en_Jefe

They proved their long reach by seeing to it that the Argentine president Cristina Kirchner who is seen above schmoozing with the BRICS leaders was also removed from office in late 2015.  Fortunately for her, they used ballots instead of bullets and a more subservient Argentinian politician to achieve their end.


But when the Turkish president Erdogan sent a letter of apology to Russia’s president Putin in late June for the shooting of the Russian plane in November of last year, the New World Order powers that be figured they’d teach him another lesson. So on July 15, they staged a military coup. Alas, Erdogan was warned about it by Russia and was able to quickly muster the necessary resources at home to put down the coup.


Ever since, the relationship between Russia and Turkey had been blossoming, culminating in the Aug 9 summit between Erdogan and Putin in Saint Petersburg. By contrast, the relationship between Turkey and the U.S. soured and became quite acrimonious.

In the wake of the failed coup attempt Ankara demanded Washington to extradite self-exiled cleric Fethullah Gulen, an alleged mastermind behind the uprising. Since Washington has not rushed to meet Ankara’s demand, the Turkish government threatened to sever ties with its longstanding ally and even went so far as to suggest that Washington could have been involved in the plot (see

And on July 28, over 5,000 demonstrators gathered outside the US Incirlik base in Turkey, home of the US nukes, shouting “Death to US” and demanding immediate closure of the base, before police were able to break up the demonstration.


It’s starting to look that the most likely outcome of the failed Turkish coup will be a peaceful coup for Russia.

Taking Turkey out of NATO’s and pulling it into the Russia’s and BRICS’ orbit may spell the beginning of the end of the US-led military alliance that actually lost its purpose more than a quarter century ago.

After the Brexit and with the new government and foreign minister of Russian descent (Boris Johnson) installed in London, it looks like the traditional Washington-London axis may also be teeter-tottering. And if the cracks of that magnitude develop on the eastern and the western flank of NATO, it won’t be long before even the chickens in the middle start thinking about fleeing the coop.

Farewell NATO! Hello BRICST?

The sooner, the better.

PS: By the way, the next BRICS summit will be held in India in October.

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 11.33.23 AM

 * * *




Speaking at the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party last month, Xi Jinping delivered what Western analysts are calling an “incendiary speech” in which he called for a military union with Russia that would render NATO “powerless” and “put an end to the imperialist desires of the West.”

The harsh statements come at a time when both Beijing and Moscow find themselves vulnerable to an increasingly hawkish US foreign policy that has resulted in a series of massive war games on both countries’ doorstep and the placement of missile shields in strategic quadrants to limit the ability of both Russia and China to defend themselves if conflict were ever to ensue.

“The world is on the verge of radical change,” said the Chinese President Xi Jinping. “We see how the European Union is gradually collapsing, as is the US economy – it is all over for the new world order.”

For more, see… (Sputnik) and (Truth in Media)
ALTZAR: It is unusual for a major head of state to refer to the US-centered New World Order by that term. That’s usually what analysts and observers do. But it is clear that Chinese leader wants to create a new global order with a better balance of power. Xi Jinping also made that clear to Obama during his visit to Washington last September. 
President Obama welcomes Chinese President Xi and Madame Peng for a State Dinner in Washington
U.S. President Barack Obama (R) and first lady Michelle Obama (2nd L) pose with Chinese President Xi Jinping (2nd R) and Madame Peng Liyuan, as they arrive for a State Dinner at the White House, in Washington September 25, 2015. REUTERS/Mike Theiler