I formally incorporated the Truth in Media as a non-profit organization 25 years ago (in 1992).

For the preceding three years, however – ever since May 1989 –  I had been working on trying to bring the Truth in Media to the American public as a freelancer.  

By May 1999, in the midst of NATO’s war on Serbia, the Truth in Media became one of the world’s major sources of the real TRUTH. We were No. 33 out of over 40 million websites in existence at the time. 

It was after that war ended in June 1999, that I received this T R U T H  sign as a gift from a co-worker in this Truth in Media endeavor.  I have had it displayed in my homes ever since. 

I thought the sign was gone, sold during our garage sale in Maui in February of this year. But this morning, July 18, 2017, Elizabeth pointed it out to me among some unpacked articles from our move from Hawaii back to Arizona in March of this year. 

And so, I have now proudly mounted it on a wall in the back yard of our Scottsdale home. It is a homecoming for the TRUTH sign which is now in its fourth evolution. Or should I say incarnation? 🙂

Here it is tonight, July 19, with the setting sun casting its long shadows on both me and the sign.

If you care about the Truth in Media, join us at…

By the way, have you noticed the shadows of those people walking up the hill toward me? 🙂 Magic! Divine presence. I certainly did not plan it. Nor notice it until now.

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